Inspirations' mission statement is to inspire...

...all the people within the companies to create, innovate and uplevel there business through our inspiring services, teambuildings, events and products.

How can we inspire you?

Inspiring your events

Thanks to its many years of experience in the events sector, Inspirations has developed the most out-of-the-box experiences. This is why we ensure that your company event is every single time organised from A to Z. This means that you can enjoy your unique event without any worries.

Throughout our many years of experience in the world of chocolate, we notice that the classic chocolate fountain is still a hit. If you prefer something new, we gladly surprise you with our molecular bites: sweet or tasty!

Our creative karma ensures events that go one step beyond than what others dare to imagine. That is what Inspirations is all about.

Inspiring your teambuildings

Simple formulas that still ensure a unique linking-up of your team. At Inspirations chocolate plays the leading part. A product appreciated by everybody offering loads of possibilities.

That is why we love share the joy and happiness of the cacao bean with people all over the world. Chocolate is nothing less than pure enjoyment waiting to be shared with everybody. Therefore, we gladly share it in a workshop together with your team.

Inspiring your spirits

After numerous experiments during the creation of drinks, the idea grew to produce a unique drink for companies. The idea is in other words to create something together with your team under the professional coaching of Peter Messely.

In various workshops, we seek for the ideal taste of your gin, whisky, rum, vermouth, etc. We go through a complete process, which is a unique experience for your team.

After a process of 6-12 months wherein your team is intensely involved, we arrive at that unique creation for your company. An ideal gift for employees or customers, given from the heart of your employees – something that will be the talk of the town for years to come.

Inspiring your concepts

Sometimes more is needed, and also here we provide an inspiring answer. Create your own concept from scratch that fully matches the identity of your company.

Go now already for a tasting of these unique Choc'o-shots that Inspirations created especially for each event.

Ambience pics

Some pictures of Inspirations sessions with Peter Messely, tailor-made events and concepts, etc.

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